How Long Would a Residential Garage Door Last?

When you are thinking about getting a new garage door, there will be a few different things that help to guide your decision. Not only will you need to know the various benefits that it offers but you will also need to know how long you can expect it to last before needing a new garage door replacement.

To find out this information, look no further than your friendly neighborhood garage door experts in Colorado. We’re here to help explain how long a residential garage door should last depending on a few key criteria.

Average Lifespan

Generally speaking, a residential garage door should be able to somewhere between 15 and 30 years before needing a garage door replacement. Of course, this isn’t a guarantee and is going to be impacted by a wide variety of criteria. Here are a few of the major factors that will either make this number larger or smaller.

Avoiding Garage Door Damage
By getting products from a team of garage door experts, you can help ensure that you are getting high-quality items.

Number of Times used Each Day

The amount that you use the garage door is going to have a big impact on its life expectancy. For example, if you are the only one using your garage, then it’s more likely that you will reach at least 15 years before needing to have it replaced. However, when you are dealing with a double-car garage with a single door and multiple drivers, then chances are that the door will be opened several times each day. This will likely bring its lifespan down to only six to ten years.

Amount of Maintenance Done

A residential garage door is just like any other piece of machinery and is going to have its life expectancy greatly affected by the amount of maintenance done on it. So if you tend to overlook your garage door and don’t get it serviced very often, then the life expectancy will definitely drop by a few years. However, if you make sure to get it professionally serviced at least once a year, then it should help to keep the door in good condition for over a decade.

To get a garage door that will last as long as possible, you’ll want to contact our team of garage door experts at Colorado Overhead Door Company.

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