How Parents Can Improve the Safety of Their Garage Today

parent plays with a child Stock Images with paid rightsYour garage is an extension of your house, and should you be one of the many homeowners who has young children, you most likely want this space to be safe for your entire family. This is particularly relevant to Denver garage owners, as our notoriously cold winters force kids to pass most of their time indoors.

Childproofing your garage can be a difficult task, but with the right plan of attack, you can quickly and effectively make your garage a safer place for your entire family.

Where to Start

Much like you would do with your kitchen; make sure that chemicals and sharp objects are out Mother and daughter Stock Images with paid rightsof reach. While it might have not been the intention, many garage owners transform the space into a storage shed. Everything from paint cans to cleaning supplies is left piled up in the corner and within reach of your children. Shelving and cabinets prove to be a great solution, as things can be stored out of reach or behind locked doors.

Next, you will want to create a designated space for their things. Sporting equipment, bicycles, helmets, and outdoor toys should all be placed together in an area that is accessible by your children. By giving them a set location for their things, you increase the chances that they will avoid other areas of your garage where you might store items that children might damage.

Should you decide to transform your garage into a wreck room or play area, you must be sure that the area has proper ventilation, as garages are built to different guidelines. We all have been warned not to leave a car running inside of a closed garage, and this is because most garages are only equipped with a small window or fan. Contact your local garage repair technicians to find out what kind of ventilation options are on offer in your area, as well as which best suit your needs. This also helps for those looking to build a workshop, as many tools and glues produce harmful fumes.

What Next?

Garage safety and kidsThese basic steps will help to improve the overall safety of your family´s garage. Next week we will continue to discuss ways in which you can prevent accidents and harmful situations. From new flooring material to checking the alignment of your garage door sensors, we will walk you through the steps necessary to make sure that your garage meets your needs as a homeowner.

Should you have any questions or concerns when redesigning or altering your garage, feel free to call Denver´s garage door experts at Colorado Overhead Door Co. Their qualified team is always happy to help you decide the best course of action for any project. Their large selection of garage doors and parts means that they are your go-to source for everything “garage door” related in the Denver area.



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