How to Fix a Noisy Garage Door

A noisy garage door is the literal definition of something just not sounding right. Sure, with such a product, there’s bound to be noise, but you don’t have to be a garage door technician to know when a garage door is too squeaky.

While a professional is more likely to know exactly what’s causing that noisy sound and how to fix it, that shouldn’t prevent you from looking into DIY garage repairs and learning some standard noisy garage door ins and outs. Not only will that enable you to fix certain issues, but over time, it will also save you time and money.

Tightening, lubricating, and replacing garage door parts

Oftentimes a loud garage door may be the result of loose bolts or screws on the track support. Simply using a wrench and socket to tighten them up should do the trick. Don’t screw them too tight; a common reason for loose bolts and screws may be wear and tear on the rollers. If that’s the case, apply some lubrication to the rollers and other moving parts – ideally using a silicone-based lubricant or similar synthetic lubricant.

red garage door
Noisy garage doors often require a professional touch to properly restore.

DIY repairs vs. calling garage door technician

Make sure to take all safety precautions before applying fixes, such as disconnecting the opener and having someone alongside helping you. We strongly advise that you do not attempt to fix your noisy garage if the door is tough to move, opens quicker than usual, or if the rollers go off their rails. Not only might this be a symptom of a bigger issue, but trying to fix this yourself may result in serious injury.

If, after trying to fix it yourself, the noise still persists, you may require new parts or professional help

For replacement products, installation, and any other additional assistance, make sure to contact our garage door experts at Colorado Overhead Door Company, and we’ll take care of all your service and repair needs.

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