How Your Garage Effects Your Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is a big deal when it comes to the safety and cost-efficiency of your home. One way to improve the energy efficiency of your home is through an energy efficient garage door. Depending on the sealant, materials, and style of your garage door, a homeowner can drastically improve how well the garage door insulates interior temperature. But why is energy efficiency important? In addition to the cost savings spent on heating and cooling, an energy efficient garage door could also extend the quality and the lifespan of the door itself. Extreme heat, for example, can damage the electric components inside the garage door opener, while extreme cold can negatively impact the health of the garage door springs. In either case, finding an energy efficient garage door is an absolute must. For those who don’t know where to start, here’s how you can make your attached garage door more energy efficient.

How to Make Your Attached Garage Door More Energy Efficient

residential garage doors
Energy-efficient, residential garage doors with a high-quality seal.

The key to improving the energy efficiency of your garage door is the quality of its insulation. The type of insulation used on the bottom and sides of your garage door can seriously affect how well it stores and repels thermal energy. A homeowner can check the quality of their current insulation by feeling for air leakage or drafts. Any air leakage will render the insulation and energy efficiency of your garage door completely useless.

How to Maximize Energy Efficiency

One way to maximize the energy efficiency of your garage door is through insulating materials. Different garage door materials, wood, metal, etc., insulate to better or worse degrees. Similarly, the quality of your opening and closing mechanisms can impact the quality of the door’s seal with the ground as well as its energy efficiency.

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