Industrial Fire Doors for Big Public Establishments

As commercial and public buildings increase in size, so do the necessary security measures. From comprehensive alarms to elaborate sprinkler and HVAC systems, there are so many different features that need to be included to ensure the safety of all visitors and employees. One of the most important measures to implement in the structure of the building is industrial fire doors.

These doors are made out of special materials that help protect people in the event of a fire. These doors can come in the form of vehicular and garage doors, or they can be applied for use as a counter door. In this case, either implementation of these commercial garage doors NFPA-80 rated to ensure optimal safety. This also means that they are installed with mechanisms that auto-close during emergencies.

Where Are Industrial Fire Doors Used

Commercial Garage Doors
Polyurethane insulated steel sectional doors are trusted by firehouses.

When it comes to the types of buildings that make use of these commercial fire doors, there are a variety of use cases. Industrial fire doors need to be installed wherever large groups of people visit. This includes locations like:

  • Public parking garages
  • Airports
  • Transportation depots
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Storage units


Depending on the specific needs of the building, there are additional features that large public structures can incorporate to improve the safety benefits of industrial fire doors. They are also extensively tested in underwriter laboratories to ensure that any automated and operational features meet all requisite building codes and safety standards.

Protect Your Establishment Today!

If you are in charge of building or proofing a large commercial building that sees lots of public traffic, investing in industrial fire doors is an essential step. Contact the professionals at Colorado Overhead Door Company to get a comprehensive quote on your commercial garage door needs and put those safety concerns to rest today!

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