Interesting Facts About Residential Garage Doors – Part 1

A residential garage door is commonly used several times a day and plays a vital role in home security. But, many times, it doesn’t receive the maintenance and importance that it should have. Today we are going to write the first part of a two blog series about some important facts about home garage doors. 

Largest and Heaviest Moving Object of Your Home

On average, a garage door weighs several hundred pounds and are under extreme tension. So you should always hire a professional technician if you need to replace or repair your garage door to avoid accidents that could cause serious injuries or death. 

Saves Money

If your garage door is well insulated, it means that it is energy-efficient. Insulation is a process that reduces heat loss or heat gain by creating a barrier between two areas that have different temperatures. This process will help you lower your electrical bill and save money. 

Needs PeriodicaInteresting Facts About Residential Garage Doorsl Checks

It is highly recommended that you take some time every month to check your garage door components. Check the spring tension, the photosensors, and the safety return mechanism, the door balance, and the sealing strip on the underside of the door. Also, pay attention to weird noises. If you find something strange, don’t hesitate to contact your trusted garage door technician. 

Needs General Maintenance Every 6 Months

To extend the life of your garage door components and have it work in optimal condition, you should have it checked by a professional technician and also lubricate its metal parts to remove dirt and avoid rusting.

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