Is Your Commercial Garage Door Too Loud?

It can be quite alarming and annoying when you go to open the garage door and it suddenly sounds drastically louder than it should. This can be especially frustrating when dealing with industrial garage doors since these are often used significantly more than your average residential garage door.

While it is often a good idea to call in the garage door experts from Colorado to help fix your residential or commercial garage door when it starts sounding too loud, it is also handy to know how to fix this issue on your own as well. That is why this handy guide is here to help explain what you should do when your garage door suddenly sounds too loud.

Why Garage Doors Sound Too Loud

There could be a few different reasons why your residential or industrial garage doors suddenly sound too loud. One of the leading causes is that your rollers have become too worn. However, this issue could be that some of the hardware has become loose or is in need of some lubrication. No matter what the problem, here is how you can help fix it.

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How to Fix a Noisy Garage Door

The first thing you should do to try and solve this issue is to check the various nuts and bolts to make sure that they are all sufficiently tight. If everything seems normal here, then you should look over the rollers and ensure that they don’t look too worn down. If they do, then you should replace it yourself or get some professionals to come in and bring some new garage door rollers that they can install for you. The last step will be to help lubricate all fo the hardware to help cover all bases.

By following these steps, you should be able to successfully solve the issue of having a noisy garage door. If you need help or want some garage door experts in Colorado to handle it on your behalf, then make sure to contact us at Colorado Overhead Door Company today.

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