Smart Ways to Keep Your Garage Door up and Running for Longer

No matter how good is the quality of your garage door, or how expensive it is, like any other machine, if you don’t give it proper maintenance, it significantly affects its lifetime or even worse stops functioning unexpectedly. Lucky for you, we have some very useful tips from our garage door experts here at Colorado Overhead Company, so you can extend the lifetime of your garage door.

4 Garage Door Maintenance Tips


A well-lubricated garage door is essential so that all the moving metal parts work smoothly. With a towel remove any grit in the roller tracks and springs, and then with WD-40 lubricate the elements with a quick spray. When you are done, run over the parts with the towel so that the oil covers the entire area.

Keep Your Garage Door up and RunningRemove Rust

Rust can seriously affect your garage door performance and can cause the moving parts to get stuck. Make sure to quickly inspect it every once in a while, removing any rust to avoid further corrosion. To remove rust, we recommend that you soak rusted parts in kerosene.

Properly Balanced

Checking that your garage door is balanced correctly is very important to guarantee safety, and it only takes a few minutes. To do so, disconnect your automatic opener and attempt to open the door manually. The door should open smoothly and offer little resistance. If that is not the case, we highly recommend that you contact our highly-qualified technicians to balance your garage door and prevent an unexpected situation.

Test the Mechanism

Garage doors have a critical safety reversing mechanism that will automatically reverse if it comes in contact with an object while closing. Making sure that the mechanism works properly is highly important to keep you and your family safe. To do so, place an object on the ground and when the door comes in contact with the object, it should instantly stop and reopen. If this process fails, contact us immediately so we can have it fixed for you as soon as possible.

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