Keep Your Kids Safe By Spending Time on the Garage

The garage door is most likely the most massive moving object you have in your house. It must be considered an unsafe mechanical device, especially if you have kids. But, with the proper care and some guidelines, you can prevent severe injuries to your loved ones, keeping things safe in your garage. 

Suggestions to Transform Your Garage into a Safe Place for You and Your Family

Today we want to write about 7 ideas to keep your garage door safe for you and your family:

  1. Garage doors are not toys, and kids shouldn’t be allowed to play with the garage door opener, or the door itself. 
  2. When the garage door opens or closes, kids should never stand, run, or play under or near the garage doors.
  3. The wall-mounted entry keypads for the garage door operating system should be placed at least five feet from the floor, out of the reach of children.
  4. Under no circumstances should you race under a moving garage door that it is opening or closing. 
  5. When you leave or enter your garage, wait until the garage door closes completely. 
  6. Keep fingers and hands away from the door sections when it is opening or closing to avoid being hurt.
  7. Keep your garage door maintained adequately for it to operate safely.

Garage Door Premium Services and Products

Garage Door Premium Services and Products

At Colorado Overhead Door Company, customers and their families are our number one priority.

For over 30 years, we have provided unique and personalized attention to all our customers and their families. Fitting our service to their needs and safety requirements. When you call on us, we will help you evaluate your current garage door situation. From there, we aim to find a solution that works best for you:

  • Budget
  • Home Style
  • Personal Preferences
  • Security

We encourage you to browse our user-friendly website and learn more about our garage door products and services in the Front Range.  Contact one of our customer care representatives to request a free door estimate today.

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