Keyless Garage Door Entry Will Improve Your Life

If you’re looking for a great way to make your life easier, have you considered going keyless? A keyless garage door entry can transform your property. They’re a practical yet straightforward feature that provides several benefits. Having keyless entry removes the need for you to carry around the keys to your garage doors, and instead, it requires a keypad and remote control to open and close.

Benefits of Going Keyless

Here are just a few of the many benefits that using keyless garage door entry provides.

Increased Safety

Going keyless increases the safety and accessibility of your garage.

Keyless entry systems can be integrated into your existing home security system, protecting your garage and making your property much safer. Since there are no physical keys involved, there’s no risk of you accidentally dropping your keys on the floor or leaving them somewhere in public for an opportunistic thief to steal.

Ease of Use

Keypads are much simpler to use than keys. Entry to your garage will become effortless. No more fumbling around for your keys as you pull into the driveway. No more worrying about forgetting the keys as you leave for work.

Better for the Kids

As a parent, you probably worry about your children getting home safely. With keyless garage door entry, your youngsters will easily be able to key in the pin code and gain access to your property without needing to carry keys around with them. The door can be set to auto-lock behind them, so you can have peace of mind knowing your children are safe indoors.

Improved Accessibility

If you’ve lost your garage door keys, you’re stuck! Going keyless means you will be able to access your garage no matter what. Simply key in the pin code that you have set up, and you can immediately get into your property.

To get your keyless garage door entry set up, contact Colorado Overhead Door today to get a pricing estimate for your high-quality residential service garage doors.

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