Make Your Garage More Pet Friendly

Your dog is a part of your family, and it doesn’t matter if they sleep indoors or outdoors, you want them to be comfortable and well taken care of. Outdoor pets need shelter, and many Denver garage owners will set up a small area for their dog to sleep inside. This not only puts a roof over their heads, but it can somewhat protect them from the climate all while keeping them outside of the living area in your home.

While outdoor pets prove their ability to quickly adapt to the conditions, homeowners often fail to ask “just how safe is my garage for my dog?” Today, the pros at Colorado Overhead Door Co., Denver´s garage door experts, offer up a few tips to help make your garage more liveable for your four-legged friends.

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Getting Started

While we definitely don’t recommend keeping your pets enclosed in the garage, we do understand that in cases of extreme weather, it can become a decent option. In some of our previous posts, we discuss ventilation and how fumes can build up inside of your garage, and while you might only be exposed to these fumes for a matter of seconds, a sleeping animal could breathe in harmful chemicals for hours. Depending on what you are storing, a cracked window might not be enough, so you will want to contact your local garage repair and maintenance shop to discuss options.

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Speaking of chemicals, animals are curious beings, and they like to snoop around just like a child would. Store any chemicals and harmful items up and out of their reach to prevent them from ingesting or potentially spilling something that could prove to be harmful to their health.

You should know what you are trying to protect your pet from, and do take that into consideration when setting up their area. Is it that summer heat wave or a snow blizzard? Garages are often times insulated, but it might be wise to set up the bedding area away from the exterior walls of your garage to allow for optimal warmth in the midst of winter. A summer heat wave might mean that a small space close to a cracked window would be the best option.

Set Up the Ideal Space Today

With spring rapidly approaching, give the Denver garage door experts a call today to start preparing for the warmer months of the year. Many pet owners will find that a few simple adjustments to their standing garage will actually provide year-round solutions for sheltering a pet.

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