Making Garage Door Weatherproof

One of the main reasons you get a new garage door is that you want to protect your vehicle, as well as other important belongings, from the elements. By making garage door weatherproof, you protect it and the things that your garage stores from harsh weather, whether it be the hot summer sun or the mushy winter weather. 

Heat can be lost throughout the garage, compromising your energy efficiency. Plus, moisture can permeate the doors, leading to molding or rotting at different stages. By weatherproofing your garage door, you can save money on the next energy bill and ensure your home is properly insulated. 

Why Should You Weatherproof Your Garage Door?

Short Panel Wagon Wheel Windows
Making your garage door weatherproof prevents it from rusting and molding.

Making garage door weatherproof gives you better energy flow throughout your garage and the home. Much like your walls, insulation prevents heat in your garage from escaping. You can upgrade your door to an insulated door or install insulation on the door you have. Ensure the new insulated door your get has the highest insulation value. 

Alternatively, you can do panel stripping, installing insulated strips over the gaps that appear within the horizontal panels. The more insulation you add to your garage door, the more you prevent drafts from occurring. 

Choose a Door That’s Sturdy

When making garage door weatherproof, choose the sturdiest door possible to use, so the insulation has maximum effect. Using a metal or steel door is your best bet, though it should also have an accompanying aesthetic, so you improve your curb appeal simultaneously.  Using wood paneling over your metal door will create a warm rustic effect.

If you’re considering making garage door weatherproof, your leading garage door replacement entity in Colorado can help. Take a look at our services and get a quick estimate before starting the job.

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