Modern Garage Door Design Trends

From barn doors to sliding doors, there have never been more ways to style your garage door. Whether it is in terms of functionality, material, or style, there are hundreds of different ways to effectively style your garage door. The only problem with so many options is that it can be overwhelming if you don’t know what you are looking for. To help homeowners select the garage door that is best for them, we have detailed some of the rising garage door trends that may pique your interest and guide your decision.

Match Your Garage Door With Your Home Style

An energy efficient garage door in a barn-door style.

Style plays a huge part when it comes to the design of your garage door. This is because the style choice can dictate many other design decisions. For example, if one were to choose a barn-door style garage door, they will probably opt for wooden materials. A wooden garage door will require different weather treatment and insulation requirements than a metal garage door. Therefore, it is imperative that the style be decided prior to any other design decisions. But how does one select the right style?

Since a garage door acts as an accent piece to your home, it is important that their styles do not clash. The best way to ensure complementary styles – and maximize curb-side appeal – is to use the same style for both. This is a simple way to keep your home and garage door styles as cohesive as possible.

Energy Efficient Design Choices

Energy efficient garage doors has become one of the most popular garage door design trends in recent years for a variety of reasons. By combining natural materials like wood with natural light from windows, homeowners can install an energy efficient garage door that reduces their energy bill as well as their environmental impact.

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