More Reasons to Upgrade Your Garage Door (part 2)

In our previous week entry, we discussed 6 important reasons for you to consider upgrading your garage door or the garage door opener this year. So in case you were not fully convinced yet, here are six more!

New garage doors help you keep your house clean

Clopay Reserve Door Oak

With a keyless entry pad outside your garage door, you can enter through the garage and leave muddy shoes, boots, and drenched coats in there and keep your house cleaner.

Make a statement

Nowadays, people are becoming more style -conscious when replacing their garage door in Denver. Since the garage door makes for a large part of your home’s front look, it can easily create a new look for your whole house and increase its curb appeal.


Display your individuality

Housing developments have their advantages, but individuality usually isn’t one of them. Choosing a fashionable and contemporary garage door makes your house instantly stand out from the crowd!

Protect your family from powerful winds

Reinforced garage doors help your home stand up to brutal winds, which can happen in the Denver and Front Range areas. Researchers studying the wind effects of devastating storms know that garage doors are often the entry point for severe damage. A new and strong garage door can be an integral part in maintaining the structural integrity of your home. garage door company

Accessorize your life

Nowadays, garage door opener accessories abound and have handy extra features to make your life easier and safer. Some could switch on lights in your home as you’re pulling up the driveway or alert you if you left the garage door open while others are activated only by your fingerprint.

New garage doors should only be installed by a professional

Don’t try to install the door yourself, it’s a complex and dangerous task. Garage door springs are under extreme pressure and if not handled properly, can release enough power to seriously harm or kill someone. Specific tools and training are needed, so it’s highly recommended that you have a professional who can do the job in just a few hours and take the old door away.

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