Most Common Garage Door Issues During Winter

During winter, a lot of things can go wrong around the house, including your garage door. Today we’ll talk about some of the most common garage door problems you may encounter this season, so you can be prepared and ready to take action should the need arise to solve these issues quickly.

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Broken components

Because cold temperatures cause the metal to contract, it’s important to keep an eye on the metal parts of your garage door, such as the screws and other pieces that can break and cause a garage door malfunction. Also, since the standard garage door systems include springs to keep the weight of the door balanced, broken garage door springs are especially numerous during the winter months. If this happens, call our professional garage door repair in Denver right away and avoid trying to fix the problem yourself, as it can be dangerous.

Weather Stripping Failure

When water freezes near the closed garage door, the weather stripping may get stuck to the ground, and when the door is raised, it might be torn off. This typical winter garage door problem can leave your garage and your home with poor insulation, increasing your energy bills. Fortunately, it is so easy to prevent! Just keep the area in front of your garage door clear of any snow or water puddles to protect your weather stripping.

How to avoid getting stuck in or out of your garage during the coldest season!

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Cold temperatures and Colorado’s winter weather can put an unnecessary strain on your garage door. Being aware of the common garage door problems in the winter will help you take steps to prevent them and deal with them quickly. However, because garage door repairs can be overwhelming and potentially dangerous, it is better to leave to the pros! Our highly trained staff can give you a diagnostic of every single detail of your residential or commercial garage door in the Denver area.

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