Overhead Garage Door Preventative Maintenance

Homeownership requires a lot of maintenance, that’s a given. However, with so many things on your maintenance-to do-list, it can be easy to forget to maintain your overhead garage door. Maintaining your garage door is arguably one of the most important things on that list. Here is how to manage your garage door and keep it in working shape for years to come. 

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You can do some garage door maintenance tasks easily without help from a professional.

Maintenance Importance

Garage door issues aren’t any fun. What’s the point of having a garage door if it doesn’t open? Not only is maintenance vital, so you can easily access your garage and store your car, it’s also important because a faulty garage door could pose a significant safety risk. To maintain your garage door, you should: 

  1. Watch for any signs of change: Your senses play a vital role here. Look and listen for changes when opening and closing your garage door. If you see rattling or hear scraping, you probably need overhead garage door repair
  2. Secure the hardware: A lot of the components of your garage door are under a lot of pressure, which makes the parts prone to loosening. Tightening up this hardware will keep the door working like new. If you do not have experience maintaining garage doors, this maintenance tip left for a professional.
  3. Lubricate the components: Your garage door is a mechanism, and mechanisms often need lubrication to perform their best. You do not need to be a professional to follow this tip! When you lubricate your door, make sure you remember the hinges, rollers, tracks, bearing plates, and the springs. 
  4. Keep the tracks clear: No, not train tracks, your garage door tracks also need to be clear so they can function correctly. It’s easy for things like leaves and debris to get caught in the path and cause your door to malfunction. To clear out the tracks, use an industrial vacuum for the best results. 

Fixing Common Issues 

If you’ve noticed your garage door isn’t working as well as it used to, it could be a common issue to fix, like clearing leaves out of the track—or perhaps your rollers need a little lubrication. In these cases, it’s easy to maintain your garage door on your own. However, if your garage door is rattling or screeching and you’ve covered all of your known bases, it could be something more severe like a corroded roller or an imbalanced door. In those cases, it’s always best to call in a professional

Do you need help maintaining your garage door in your Colorado home? Our team at Colorado Overhead Doors has the experience and the resources to keep your garage door working like new. Contact us today. 

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