Popular Garage Door Styles for Your Home

These days, it’s increasingly important that your residential building has an appealing exterior. Real estate is heating up in unexpected areas and maintaining strong curb appeal is essential to achieving this outcome. One of the more underrated aspects of a good looking exterior is the garage door. Front Range systems take up a large portion of the exterior and can tie multiple different components together.

Garage door styles can vary greatly from home to home, and there are important considerations that need to be made before contacting your residential garage professional to install it. You need to make sure that the door’s functional and aesthetic aspects are assessed prior to the final decision.

Selecting Garage Door Styles

Depending on the exterior of your home, your orientation to the street, the weather patterns in your region, and other aesthetic or functional considerations, there are multiple different garage door styles for you to choose from, including:

  • residential garageTraditional — This style of garage door has been around for years and includes multiple panels or sections that can be made in a variety of traditional aesthetics.
  • Roll Up — This style looks somewhat similar to traditional doors, except that it is made from small panels to roll up inside the garage.
  • Barn Door — Barn and carriage doors have a unique, rustic look that is making a resurgence in the realm of exterior design.
  • Electric — Many different garage door styles can connect to an electric system that makes them much more functional and allows for creative expression.
  • Custom — From metal to glass to other custom materials, getting a personalized garage door is a great way to make a strong visual statement.

Install Your Preferred Style Today!

If you are interested in learning more about the different styles of garage doors that are available to you, contact Colorado Overhead Door Company today, and receive a free estimate!

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