Popular Garage Door Styles

Selecting a new garage door is an exciting activity. You have the opportunity to upgrade your curbside value through a new, high-functioning, stylish set of garage doors. The caveat is that you have to pick a style that is attractive and coincides with the rest of the house. Choosing a style is difficult, and can sometimes require expert assistance. To help you select the right style, here are a few of the more popular garage door styles you should consider and why.

Different Garage Door Traits and Styles

andy frame photography
Two modern/barn-style garage doors that mirror the modern and rustic design of the home.

Style plays a huge role in the aesthetic success of your garage doors. Which door you pick can impact the overall appeal of your house as a whole. Of the available garage door styles, the traditional style is often the most versatile. Its classic panel build is both an architectural staple as well as a functionally proven design. Contrary to this simple American classic is the unique, dynamic, modern garage door. These doors offer the most variety of materials, colors, and layout due to their wider breadth of stylistic influences. And finally, speaking of classic styles, the barn door style of garage door has seen a resurgence in recent years as homeowners seek out a more rustic aesthetic for their homes. As compelling as these three styles are, not all of them are best suited for your home. In fact, some may be better than others.

How to Choose the Best Style to Match Your Home

When picking a garage door style, you want a design that matches the existing style of your home. If your home uses a lot of rounded architecture and arched windows, then these are choices you should incorporate into the style you select. But sometimes selecting a garage door style isn’t as clear-cut as this. Sometimes it helps to have an expert opinion.

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