Popular Garage Door Trends

The modern garage door design has gone through many different design variations over the years. From sliding doors to full glass doors, there have been a wide variety of styles and design choices that garage door owners have cycled through over different decades. Knowing which modern designs you should incorporate can be difficult if you have no prior experience buying or selecting garage doors. Fortunately, there are a few popular garage door trends that can help you make the decision that much easier.

Steel Doors with Wooden Stylings

A steel garage door made to look like interlaced wood.

Of all the modern design trends, neutral colors are definitely the most dominant. The benefit of neutral-colored garage doors is that they complement the style of one’s home. More vibrant or loudly colored garage doors may not only clash with the design of a house but also divert attention away from it. That is why steel doors with wooden stylings have emerged. These doors not only utilize the strength and durability of steel, but capture the aesthetic beauty, warmth, and sophistication of a ‘natural’ wood door.

Vertical Windows that Line the Doors

Many garage door trends have not only embraced new styles but also new features. In light of recent data, homeowners have embraced the concept of energy efficiency to reduce their environmental impact as well as the cost of their energy bill. By moving away from the traditional horizontal windows at the top of the garage door, homeowners can adopt a new, dynamic visual of windows lining the side that allows for significantly more natural light. This will help heat a garage in colder months.

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