Potential Risks of Installing Your Own Garage Door Opener

Compared to the large metal door, installing a garage door opener seems like the simplest part of the process, but looks can be deceiving. And while the steps may be simple, their execution can be quite difficult. The added risk of installing a garage door opener by yourself is that you are more likely to make mistakes. Unfortunately, these mistakes can sometimes result in serious injury.

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It Seems Simple, But it Can Be Dangerous

Contrary to what you might think, thousands of people are injured every year installing garage doors by themselves. This is because they are approaching a task without understanding the necessary techniques and safety precautions that need to be enacted. The two most dangerous parts of installing a residential garage door opener are the spring and the door. This is because the spring, the mechanism that lifts and holds the door, is under a massive amount of tension. If the spring breaks or dislodges, it can seriously injure an untrained homeowner. And if the spring breaks, the door will likely fall – causing even more risk for injury. The best thing to avoid DIY installation risks is by not doing it yourself at all.

Common DIY Mistakes That Aren’t Worth Risking

One of the most common DIY garage door opener installation mistakes is not balancing the door properly. If it is unbalanced, the door can come loose and fall – damaging whatever is beneath it. Similarly, not reinforcing the door can cause similar problems and also decrease its resistance to break-in attempts. A more costly mistake is a lack of electrical knowledge. An incorrectly installed opener can become a fire hazard if the electrical wiring is not safely set up.

The easiest way to prevent these mistakes is to hire a professional. Learn why the Colorado Overhead Door Company is the best garage door opener installer in Denver, and ask for a free quote today.

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