Pros and Cons of a Wooden Garage Door on Your Home in Colorado

A wooden garage door offers beauty, elegance, and value to a home. But there are certain things consider before choosing a custom wooden door for your garage. Today we are going to write about some pros and cons of a wooden garage door. 

Pros of a Wooden Garage Door

  • A wooden garage door can be customized according to your house design and your personal preferences. From the size to the color, you can design your wood garage door to go with your home style. 
  • A custom wooden garage door can be manufactured to meet the requirements in Colorado, which is an excellent advantage since not all land is at the same level.
  • Wood offers many advantages; it is an eco-friendly material; it won´t crack, and isn’t easily bumped or dented. Also, if damage does occur with a wooden garage door, you can repair the damaged area instead of replacing the whole door as with other garage door materials. 
  • Wooden garage doors will withstand almost all weather conditions and humidity; it is also a material that is easy to repaint. 

Cons of a Wooden Garage Door

  • Since a wooden garage door is custom-made, it is usually more expensive than other common garage door materials. 
  • Wood absorbs water, which means it can end up rotting. Regular maintenance can prevent rotting, but it needs to be periodically. Once rotting has begun, it is challenging to fight it. 
  • Wood is heavy, which means that your garage door will require larger springs that can be harder to find whenever they need repair. 
custom-made wooden garage door
Custom Wood Doors

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