Protecting garage doors from road salts

Winter hazards around your garage

Winter driving brings exposure to external elements, but not only must your car endure the accumulation of road salts used to melt snow-covered areas but your garage door as well. The rust can cause damage over time and should be addressed before it becomes an issue. By keeping your garage floor and even walkways clean you can protect it from the corrosive effects of the de-icing solutions.

Keeping your doors free from rust

keep your garage floor free from snow and rustRoad Salts have been used for decades to keep drivers safe from the dangers of ice that builds upon the driveways. It’s an inexpensive and efficient option to combat freezing ice and is simple to use. Unfortunately, it can have adverse effects on your garage door. We have brought you today some points to consider for keeping your doors in top condition throughout the winter.

Protecting your garage flooring

The most used alternative to protect your gate is by winterizing the floor with mats that efficiently absorb all water that falls off of your car. Plus, they are very simple to maintain and can also prevent slips in the case of ice over.

clean concrete garage floorIf you only have an unprotected concrete floor, you risk of having cracks in your parking area, commonly known as ”spalling”. Because the chemicals will freeze and expand when temperatures drop. Mats help in collecting the de-icing solutions, snowmelt, and road debris which get deposited on the floor from the tires, thus avoiding ”spalling”.

The other solution is to seal the floor. You can use a silicone penetrating sealer or an acrylic sealer for this task. Both will block the de-icing fluids from going into the concrete. The difference between the two is that the acrylic sealer gives a glossy finish.

Liquid magnesium and calcium chloride – road salts – are necessary to keep the driveways safe but can cause unwanted damage to the garage. Protecting your entrance area with an adequate floor coating will ensure it will be fully prepared for another cold winter season!

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Keeping the salt away from your gate will reduce the likelihood of rust buildup. To ensure that your doors are in prime condition, keep the above-mentioned tips in mind.

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