Protecting Your Wooden Garage Door From Winter Weather Damage

Wooden garage doors are great for a lot of things, namely, customization, elegance, and increasing the curb appeal of your home. One thing they’re not great for, however, is withstanding the blistering cold months of winter.

Whereas other materials can put up with snow and moisture a little better, wood has a more difficult time warding off the elements.

Protecting wooden garage doors from winter weather

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Don’t let the winter months destroy your precious wooden garage doors.

Moisture, freezing weather, and constant thawing and de-thawing are all terrible things for your wooden garage doors. Left to their own defenses, your wooden garage doors aren’t likely to last through too many winters, especially if you live in an area where winter weather is particularly brutal.

Beyond just wrecking the wooden material on  your garage doors, winter weather can also wreak havoc on the actual performance of your wooden garage doors. At low temperatures, the mechanisms inside of your garage doors can freeze to a point where they become inoperable.

Avoid breakdowns and poor performance of garage doors in winter

Fortunately, if protecting wooden garage doors is at the top of your priorities, all hope is not lost. To help your garage doors last through the winter (and many others to come), you simply need the right protection. However, understanding what protection you need, let alone properly applying and/or installing such protection, can seem overwhelming to someone unacquainted with garage door repair and installation. A failed first attempt can even leave your garage door more unprotected from the winter elements.

There’s no need to risk making matters worse or causing personal injury. To save you all of the hassles of applying this protection yourself, contact the professionals at Colorado Overhead Door Company instead. Allow our skilled and licensed garage door repairmen to assess your winter needs and provide exactly the right degree of protection necessary for your wooden garage doors.

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