Ranch Style Garage Doors to Compliment Your Home

Getting ranch style garage doors can add even more elegance and aesthetic benefits to your ranch-style home. Also called carriage-style garage doors, ranch style garage doors are customizable and have become more popular. 

These types of garage doors have been used long before traditional garages were established. And, they don’t suit every home. However, considering how reputable these doors are in farmland architecture and their undeniable appeal, they’re worth a try for homeowners looking for more security and appeal for their garage. 

What are Ranch Style Garage Doors?

barn style
Carriage style garage doors are customizable and add a touch of elegance to your home.

These types of doors are also known as barn-style doors and date back to past eras when there were carriage houses that were used to store horse-drawn carriages. These types of ranch style garage doors are usually crafted from wood, permeated with natural finishes to give it a touch of class. 

Carriage-style garage doors in this day and age are designed with similar roll-up features to modern sectional garage doors. They also have premium aesthetic qualities, usually being made from steel or wood, using a composite or vinyl overlay. It also uses decorative elements to help it maintain a traditional, elegant look.

You can customize your ranch style garage doors by using a variety of materials and styles. They come in several styles, colors, and window options that match your home’s aesthetics and add some uniqueness to your garage door. 

Matching Your Home

If you have a bungalow, a Mediterranean home, or a Victorian-style home, then a carriage-style door could work wonders for you. Its endearing qualities make a great complement to your home and give it a throwback element while also giving you the security reassurance that you need. 

If you’re interested in getting ranch style garage doors, check out our wide range of options. Get your estimate today and get the right carriage-style door to complement your home.

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