Repairing Winter Damage to Your Garage Door

When winter is over, it is the perfect time to do some general maintenance to your home, and that includes the most massive moving object, which is your garage door. Today we want to give you some simple steps that can identify whether something is wrong with your garage door and prevent significant damage in the future. 

4 Maintenance Tips for Your Garage Door after Winter

Road Salts

When snow is gone, search the floor of your garage for accumulated salt that could potentially present corrosion problems if you leave it for extended periods. If you find salt, clean the area and wash your garage door to remove the salt. 

Garage Door Seals

It is common that after winter, faulty seals may need to be repaired or replaced. Broken seals can lead to an increase in your heating bill, as they do allow cold air to be more accessible to your home.


It is a good practice to check and see if there are gaps between the rubber seal and the floor. You can spray some water, and if you find any leak, contact our garage door technicians so we can do an inspection and fix your garage door. 

Water Damage 

Garage doors are supposed to keep water outside of your garage, but the weather in Colorado can get very extreme, and your garage door could suffer water damage. We treat our high-quality garage so that they can withstand the elements, but providing proper maintenance to your garage door will extend its lifetime. When winter season is over, check the areas where the water can accumulate for extended periods.

Maintenance Tips  for Your Garage Door

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