Replacing Garage Door Rollers and Springs

How can you tell if you have a problem with your rollers and springs? You’ll notice some obvious and subtle signs when examining them. The sooner you notice these issues, the better as when garage door springs fail, they cause door opening issues and put excessive stress on the rollers as well as its tracks and cables. 

If you suspect that you should be replacing garage door rollers and springs, here are some tips to help you address the problem. 

Why Do Rollers and Springs Go Bad? 

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Rollers and springs are critical to your door opening.

Garage doors will keep going even when the tracks are dirty, and the opener fails, meaning you’ll have to open the door manually. However, if the springs on your garage door go bad, that’s when you will face some real problems. Fixing a spring is something that should be left to professionals as it’s the most vital component to ensuring a door opens and closes properly. 

The first thing that’s noticeable is rust. Rust is the biggest reason that springs snap. If you don’t lubricate your springs regularly, they will rust easily. Spring failure is also noticeable when the door jams. When too much grime and dirt accumulates, it can block the roller and cause a door jam, leaving the spring and roller in very bad states. 

Maintenance Problems

Inadequate maintenance also leads to malfunctioning rollers and springs, causing those parts to fail and even causing the door to seize up. 

By ignoring the quality of your garage door rollers and springs, you’ll have a greater struggle trying to open your garage door, and insulation throughout the garage will be negatively affected. 

Get your garage door rollers and springs fixed at your earliest convenience, thanks to our repair services. Check out our residential service and get your estimate to get the job started.

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