Is your garage door ready for winter?

custom-made wooden garage door

Preparing your Garage Door for Winter When that winter weather shows up, the freezing temperatures tend to have their effect on everything. Your windows start to stick and your car becomes just a bit harder to crank in the mornings. Your garage door is likely to suffer from a few of the same issues, and Denver, […]

Denver Garage Doors for Home Auto Shop

The Aspen Custom Wood Door

Lets face it, we like to think that we know what is going on with our cars. We look for the causes of that odd noise, and when something is dripping from the bottom we still give it a whiff in hopes of distinguishing the difference between transmission fluid and plain water. Knowing your way […]

Steel Garage Doors in Denver, Colorado

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Colorado Overhead Door Co. offers all sorts of options for those looking to purchase garage doors in Denver and surrounding area, and with so many choices, it is always nice to hear what the professionals have to say about their products. In a previous article we discussed the advantages of selecting a custom wood garage […]

Deciding if Wooden Garage Doors are Right for You

Custom Wooden Garages in Denver

The decision to install a custom wooden garage door will add a unique aesthetic appeal to your house given that it can be built to follow the current design of your home. Wood adds a beautiful, natural look to any property, but it does come at the expense of extra maintenance. The  professionals at Colorado […]