What to Consider When Buying a Commercial Garage Door

If you’re planning to buy a new commercial garage door for your business, there are several functional and aesthetic considerations you’ll need to consider. Commercial garage doors perform the same function as residential garage doors, but they also follow a stricter code of safety standards. Many municipalities have specific rules about the installation and maintenance […]

Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Garage Door

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If you have a garage door, then you’ve probably been through the process of having to replace it at some point. In some cases, this will result from damage caused by wear and tear, or natural disasters such as tornadoes or hail. For others, however, it’s simply time for a change – whether that’s due […]

WHAT? The garage door opened by itself?

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Maybe you have experienced returning from vacation to find your garage door open! It is an indescribable awful feeling, not knowing how long, or why this happened? Or the alarming surprise of waking up the next morning, after arriving late at night from work, just to find the same scenario! And you were pretty sure you closed […]