Are Some Garage Doors More Weatherproof Than Others?

Robust garage door materials are crucial for the utmost protection.

Taking care of your belongings and ensuring that items remain in working and functional condition should be the primary priority of any homeowner. When it comes to the belongings that you store within your garage, you need to be placing value on their importance. Many people store all kinds of things in their garage. These […]

Roll-Up Garage Door Won’t Roll?

A professional technician repairing a garage door, emphasizing the importance of broken garage door repair services in Colorado.

When it comes to home improvements, you want to be taking advantage of new technologies and systems a company offers. With technology continuously increasing home improvement systems, mechanisms like the roll-up garage door can be instrumental in providing you with more practical solutions to the common problems associated with older systems. If you currently have […]

Show your Garage Door some love this Christmas!

Your garage door is also an important member of your household! Why? Because it is your home’s largest entryway and it is typically the focal point of a home’s exterior. So ensuring that it works properly is important in order to keep your family and your belongings safe! Colorado Overhead Doors offers you premium garage […]

Is Your Garage Door Ready for Winter?

Garage Door Service

Avoid getting stuck in or out of your garage during the coldest season! You probably know the famous Stark family’s phrase “Winter is Coming!” in the Game of Thrones world, but fortunately for you, the expression doesn’t have to be an omen of uncertainty and ill fate. With Colorado Overhead Doors, all of your garage door […]

6 Tips to Make Your Garage Extra Safe

garage door insulation

A few smart ways to secure your garage and reduce risks for your family and property Sometimes it is easy for Colorado homeowners to overlook their garage when taking home security measures, and thieves are aware of this. Making sure that your garage is a safe place is essential to keep its valuable contents safe, […]

Premium Garage Door Services in the Front Range

Amarr Garage Door

Looking for a garage door expert? Look no further! At Colorado Overhead Door Co. we are always looking forward to delivering the finest attention and garage door repair, replacement or installation services in the Denver area. No matter if you just need a garage door opener remote or to redesign your entire garage door, we have […]

Having Garage Door Problems in Denver?

insultated garage door

Colorado Overhead Doors offers premium garage door repair services in Denver and the Front Range You may not think of this too often, buy your old garage door needs some attention and care from time to time. Why? Because it is your home’s largest entryway and it is very often the focal point of a […]

Garage Door Repair in Denver

Garage Door Opener Issues

Make sure to fix any issues before they get bigger! Checking your garage door regularly to ensure it is working properly is a huge key to the home and family security. Since a garage door weighs a few hundred pounds and it is used at least a couple of times almost on a daily basis, parts […]

Merry Christmas from Colorado Overhead Door Co!

It is our most sincere wish that you spend these holidays with the people you value the most in your life. And may 2016 be full of great and happy moments for you and your family! As 2016 is coming to an end, we could not be more grateful for yet another amazing year! We […]