Teaching Your Kids About Garage Door Safety

As convenient as garage doors are, they can be dangerous. In order to avoid potential garage door accidents, a parent or guardian should teach their children about proper garage door safety.

Kids are often one of the most frequent users of a garage; they use it to grab their bikes, store their sports equipment, and throw out the garbage. That’s why it is important that they know how to safely operate the garage door without hurting themselves or the door.

If you are in need of some good garage door safety tips, here are a few to keep your children out of harm’s way.

Garage Door Safety Tips to Keep Kids Safe

Residential garage doors are quite dangerous when not properly used. Garage doors are heavy mechanical walls that precariously hang over where many children play, and thereby put kids at an incredible risk. Many children in America have incurred fatal injuries from garage doors that have been improperly used. The easiest way to avoid untimely accidents, and teach kids about garage door safety, is to establish a simple set of rules.

Two children playing underneath a garage door and obeying the rules.

Garage Door Rules for Kids

When it comes to garage door rules, the top priority is making sure that nothing is beneath the door when you close it. Kids use a similar technique when they look both ways to cross a street. The other key rule to relay to children about garage door safety is never touching the door as it is moving. This can be extended to “never hang on the garage door.” If enough weight is added to the garage door as it is being raised, the door may dislodge from its tracks and crash to the floor.

But garage door safety isn’t just for kids; it also applies to adults. If you are looking for a little extra guidance on how to keep your home safe, you should contact a Colorado Overhead Door Company representative today. For more information on how you can increase your garage door safety, visit our homepage.

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