The First Steps to a New Garage Door

Many things can happen that will require you to look for a new garage door, from the usual wear-and-tear caused by daily usage and exposure to the elements to extraordinary events like break-ins that can damage your door. Perhaps you have just grown tired of your old door, or you are renovating your entire home, and the current garage doors do not fit your new style? Whatever the case, changing garage doors requires planning. Here are the first steps you should take when choosing a new garage door.

Required Garage Door Measurements

Need a New Garage Door in Colorado
Measuring your opening properly is essential before choosing a new garage door.

The first step in getting a new garage door starts with your garage itself. It is important to establish the measurements so that your new door is neither too big, nor too small. Basic first measuring will also help guide us towards the best style and the types of mechanics and functions your garage door should have.

Follow these three easy steps to establish your basic measurements:

  1. Start out by measuring the opening of your garage from side to side and top to bottom to establish the measurements for your new door.
  2. Once you have the basic measurements of your garage, you need to measure the distance on the sides from the opening to the wall. This is where the tracks of your new door will sit inside the garage.
  3. Next, measure the distance from the top of the garage opening to the garage ceiling. This is where the garage opener will be installed.

Choosing Your Garage Door Type and Style

Once you have measured your garage door opening, professionals can help you find the perfect garage door type. To do so, they will need to re-measure the openings to ensure that your new garage door fits perfectly.

Once the measurements have been established and you have settled on which type of garage door you want, you can pick the door’s style and settle on your personal, favorite garage door.

If you are considering getting a new door for your garage, contact our experts at Colorado Overhead Door company today. We will provide you with information on all our residential services and give you a free estimate.

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