Things That Can Ruin Your Garage Doors

A non-functional garage door can lead to a lot of issues in your home. At best, it’s a mild inconvenience. At worst, it could leave you with a car trapped inside and potential huge safety risk. This means you need to learn what impacts your garage door function now, before it ruins it completely.

What To Avoid

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Make sure you know what can damage your garage doors.

There are quite a few things that can impact your garage door, from problems with the rollers to damage to the motors and springs. A thing that you should avoid is failing to get your regular inspection done. Even a single instance of opening and closing can damage the hinges, tracks, levers and pulleys. Also, you want to make sure that you don’t leave any dents unattended to over time. These may seem like only cosmetic issues, but they can also cause the door to wear out quicker by exposing it to rust.

Causes and Solutions

The best way to avoid your garage door getting ruined in milder cases is by making sure that you have a plan for garage door repair. Sometimes, major issues are minor issues that spiral out of control. We already mentioned what a dent can do, but another thing to consider is the impact of a dirty track. At first, this may just seem like dirt, but if it causes a door to go off track and put pressure on other parts of the door, it can lead to widespread damage and a ruined door.

Sometimes, you discover these issues too late to save your garage door. That’s okay. The first step after a replacement is working with professionals that provide garage door maintenance on a regular basis to keep this from happening again. That’s what we do at the Colorado Overhead Door Company, so feel free to contact us today.

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