Things to Consider Before Getting a Garage Door with Windows

Pros and Cons of Adding Windows to a Garage Door

Having a garage door with windows will inevitably bring in natural light, adding more beauty to your property. However, these fantastic features also come with some drawbacks. So before you jump into a new project, take a look at some of the pros and cons of adding windows to your door. 

Advantages of Garage Doors with Windows

Natural Light 

With windows, you wouldn’t have to raise your garage door to let in the daylight. This saves wear and tear on the door, and gives you free natural light inside your garage.

Enhanced Aesthetics 

When you add windows to your garage, or you install a new one with windows included, your new addition becomes a part of your home. When the windows match your home style, your garage increases the value of your home and boosts your property’s curb appeal, making it more attractive to neighbors and potential buyers. 

Disadvantages of Garage Doors with Windows

Cost More  

A garage door with windows costs more than one without windows because it takes more time and workmanship to insert the windows during the crafting process.

Security Risk 

benefits of a garage door with windows

Having windows comes with a risk of privacy. If you choose transparent glass, people could see through, and thieves will be tempted to break in. However, you can get some beautiful frosted glass windows to take advantage of the aesthetic benefits of this garage door feature. 


Glass is breakable. So, with windows, you have to be careful with the things you store in your garage. Also, a stray baseball or basketball could smash a window.

Need Windows for Your Garage Door? 

Colorado Overhead Door Company offers a range of residential garage door choices, with windows and without windows. We can help you find the model and style that fits your desires.

Call us at 303-776-3667 to learn more about the benefits of a garage door with windows. 

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