Traditional Steel Garage Doors in the Front Range

At Colorado Overhead Door Company, we offer all sorts of garage door options for residential and business owners in the Front Range. One of our premium garage door products is our traditional steel garage doors, which usually come at a lower cost. Today we want to give you more information about traditional steel garage doors so you can make a smart decision when choosing the option that best fits your needs. 

Steel Garage Door Advantages

  • Steel garage doors can be bent, stretched, and molded into just about any shape needed without decreasing the strength of the metal. 
  • Steel garage doors are proven to be some of the most durable in the market.
  • When talking about garage door designs and color schemes, the choices are nearly endless. 
  • Steel garage doors weigh significantly less than other garage door materials and do not require the same strength to open. Even if you need to open the garage door manually, it will be much more comfortable than other garage doors. 
  • You can purchase a steel door for a lower price than other garage doors like a wooden door, and it will also require less maintenance. 

Steel Garage DoorsWhat You Should Know About Steel Garage Doors

Steel garage doors come in many different thicknesses. Always talk with your trusted garage door technician about your needs and budget so you can choose the garage door that meets your expectations. Remember the fact that a thinner door will allow more noise into your garage.

Another thing to take into consideration is that steel garage doors offer many different levels of insulation. If you live in Colorado, you must consider the weather, since thinner and less insulated doors will allow more warm air to exit while giving the cold winter air a more accessible pathway to your home.

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