Traditional vs. Contemporary Garage Door Styles

Sometimes the most difficult choice is one of form over function. If you buy a high-quality, residential garage door from a reliable retailer, performance will not be an issue. The real issue is how it will look and operate. The style of garage doors you pick has a huge influence on the exterior design of the house and how you use the doors. Different styles have different opening methods, so it is important to consider all factors when deciding between different garage door styles.

Characteristics of Traditional Garage Doors

Most American houses utilize Colonial, Victorian, and European architectural styles in their designs. Traditional garage doors are the perfect complement to any classically-styled American household. They typically incorporate wood, plastic, or metal paneling across the entire face of the door. Some newer doors offer paneling that folds to allow for roll-up garage doors. Crosscut panels and windows are very common with these types of garage doors.

A contemporary home with complementary garage door style.
A contemporary home with complimentary garage door style.

Characteristics of Contemporary Garage Doors

Contemporary garage doors are much cohesive with general home designs. That said, these doors are gorgeous when used with a corresponding style. These types of doors usually prioritize simplicity over detail patterns and panels. Contemporary doors will often incorporate high-tech materials and tempered glass to reflect the styling of the rest of the house. Because of their specificity in terms of style, they usually work best as a customized addition. Custom contemporary garage doors can offer a lot of variety in terms of operation. From sliding to roll-up, these doors are adaptable to any needs.

Whether you want a traditional or contemporary style of garage door, Colorado Overhead Door Company has you covered. Our vast selection of standard and custom garage doors offer high-quality performance across all available styles. If you’re interested in a garage door from Colorado Overhead Door Company, reach out for a free estimate today.

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