Troubleshooting Garage Doors to Maintain High Function

Garage doors often become an afterthought when homeowners think about which components of the home need the most attention from a maintenance perspective. These efficient systems seem so simple because they operate perfectly the majority of the time, but can suddenly become a huge pain as soon as a component goes awry. To make matters worse, it’s difficult to determine which piece is causing the issue. Depending on the style of door your home has, there are many different things that can go wrong.

Troubleshooting garage doors is something that needs to be left to a professional service to ensure optimal results. There are many different garage door styles out there, including barn doors, modern, traditional, and custom. Electrical openers can also be installed to increase ease of use, but they also create an additional layer of complexity when it comes to the troubleshooting process.

Here are some of the little things to look out for when examining your garage door to identify any issues.

What to Look for when Troubleshooting Garage Doors

Garage Door is Not Working Properly
When it comes to troubleshooting garage doors, there homeowners need to find the right residential service provider.

When it comes to problematic garage doors, you need to look out for a series of identifiers. These include:

  • Loud squeaking or grinding noises
  • Uneven alignment when lifting and closing
  • Reduced speed during opening and closing
  • Partial range of motion
  • Door will not open


When these issues arise, they are often signals of a larger issue within your garage door system. Calling a professional residential garage repair service is the only way to go at this point. Even if a temporary DIY fix does seem to make a difference, it’s only a matter of time before another potentially more serious break occurs.

Professional Servicing of Garage Doors in Colorado

If you’re concerned that your residential garage door may be exhibiting some of the aforementioned issues, reach out to the experts at Colorado Overhead Door Company today for a comprehensive estimate!

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