Troubleshooting your garage door opener problems

Garage door opener frequent problems

Facts About Residential Garage DoorsA garage door is hardly functional without a proper working garage door opener. Your garage door opener has moving parts that can break or need lubrication. With proper maintenance, you can reduce the impact of regular use, but eventually, it will need a fix or to be replaced. If your garage opener suddenly stops working, the explanation and solutions are usually pretty easy to deal with.

Troubleshooting guide to your electric gate

These are some of the most common garage door opener problems, along with the most likely repairs for each.



The opener won’t work, with either the remote or the wall switch. Probably the power source is disrupted. The motor unit must be plugged in and also check the circuit breaker, fuse or GFCI.
The door won’t open or close completely The close limit switch needs adjusting. If not, see if the door is binding when raised and lower manually.
Reverses on its own The close limit switch or the close force probably need adjusting.
Does not fully open Move the limit switch towards the motor unit
Opens but the motor won’t stop running Move away the limit switch from the motor
The door won’t open or close with remote control (1) Approach the door (you might be out of range)

(2) The antenna on the motor unit must be hanging down

(3) If the door functions fine with the wall switch, replace the battery in the remote

(4) Reprogram the remote

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