Two Most Common Garage Door Problems

Every piece of technology is susceptible to problems, and garage doors are no different. The important thing is to identify and address the problems quickly so you can maintain the quality of your garage door and the safety of your home. Here are a couple of the most common garage door problems and what you can do to fix them.

Not Opening and Closing? Likely a Spring Issue

There are many reasons why a garage door may not open or close. The first thing you should check is your remote. Is it functioning? Have the batteries been recently replaced? If the remote looks fine, you should direct your attention towards the garage door opener. If the lights for the opener are off, it has likely been disconnected from its power source – or a fuse has blown. Either way, this is an electrical issue. If neither of those situations is the case, it is almost always a spring issue.

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Garage door springs are not something that should be replaced without professional help.

You can tell that your springs are not working properly if you hear a regular ‘popping’ noise every time you open and close the garage door. This means that they have to be either lubricated or adjusted, which is a normal repair. But you should never attempt to fix these springs on your own. Their high tension makes them very dangerous if managed improperly.

Garage Door Won’t Close Evenly

Your garage door isn’t closing parallel to the ground? It could be a cable and spring issue. This type of work, as mentioned earlier, can be especially risky if done by an amateur. That is why it is so important to call a professional whenever you need to update, change, or fix your springs.

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