What Size Garage Do You Really Need?

When looking at your home and thinking about the garage size, you need to make sure that you are taking your time choosing the correct one. Many homeowners rush into this decision and fail to think about the consequences of something too small. 

Often people’s preferences change over time, and if you choose something too small in the beginning, it can be much more challenging to have it enlarged later on, but not impossible. 

How To Determine Garage-Size For Your Needs & House Size

To accurately determine the correct garage size, you need first to assess your needs. Ask yourself: How many vehicles do you have? Will you be storing all your cars? Do you want a workshop space as well? By figuring out what you need for this space, you can better determine the correct measurements. 

It would be best if you also thought about your home. If you are currently living in your first home, you may have a limited property to build an attached space, in which case, something detached would be the better option. You may also have to opt for something smaller like a single-car option, which can still be practical while also boosting your home’s overall value. 

Assess your needs before choosing a garage size.
The size of your garage door is something you don’t want to forget to consider.

Appropriate Size 

While you need to think about how many cars you want to store, you also need to think about the future. You are bound to accumulate more things over the years, especially if you have a growing family and want to store everything.

Opt for something 5-10 feet wider than your vehicle as you will then be able to add shelving and other storage units on one side. If you have two cars, double this extra padding space. You don’t want to be squished. It would help if you also chose a garage door that is wide enough for even the most massive vehicles like SUVs and trucks. 

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