Why Install Traditional Steel Garage Doors?

Having steel garage doors comes with several benefits. They ofter security, durability, and they can add to the curb appeal of your home or commercial business. If you’re tired of dealing with continuous repair costs for broken garage doors, take a look at the following reasons why steel doors are the best option for your Denver business.

Great Value

In comparison to other doors made of other materials, steel commercial roll-up doors offer buyers the best value for their money. Steel doors last significantly longer than other materials and require less maintenance, meaning you won’t have to spend money any time soon on cosmetic repairs.

Roll up steel door
Roll up steel doors are sturdy and efficient.

They’re Secure

Steel doors are more secure than any other type of garage door. They aren’t easily bent or broken, making them the best line of defense against thieves and pests. Steel doors are also flame resistant — unlike doors made of wood or fiberglass — and can provide you a safe exit route in the event of a fire.


Most other types of garage doors provide very little insulation, making garages hot in the summer and cold in the winter. If you do most of your work in your garage, you’ll want to consider updating to a steel door for its multi-layered design.

Versatile Design

Most commercial building owners opt for simple designs when they fit their garages with steel doors. If you’re looking for something with a more creative flare, there are steel panels available in all kinds of stylish molds. You’re guaranteed to find a steel door to fit any kind of style you want.


Garage doors made of galvanized steel don’t rot or rust. As strong as they are, they’re also incredibly lightweight, meaning the garage door opener will undergo less stress. Unlike doors made of heavier materials, you’ll be able to use your garage door for a longer period of time before needing repairs.

The Colorado Overhead Door Company provides our clients with high-quality steel garage doors for both commercial buildings and residential homes. If you’re interested in upgrading to a steel door, contact us today. 

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