Why Should You Insulate Your Garage Door?

Benefits For Insulating a Garage Door

If you are thinking about improving your garage door, insulation is a good start. An insulated garage door adds up to the energy efficiency of your home, makes the door stronger, and reduces noise. Let’s take a more in-depth look to these benefits.

Longer Lifespan

Reasons For Insulating a Garage DoorMost insulated doors are made of an aluminum or steel frame which is filled with solid-core insulation put in between single or dual steel panels. The result is a lightweight, structure that is less prone to dent or scratches than an uninsulated door. Also, an insulated door is more resistant to the rusting that occurs in many non-insulated, single-layer door.

Noise Reduction

An insulated door can absorb much of the sound and vibration caused by the operation. And, a door with insulation also acts as a sound barrier, muffling the sounds from outside.

Save Energy and Money

benefits of insulated garage doors

A garage door that is not insulated transfers hot air or cold air to the rooms next to the garage. It also allows external air into your home via gaps in the door. Insulation can help you save energy as it regulates the temperature in the garage. That means that you will reduce the amount of energy needed to cool or heat the rest of your home during the corresponding season of the year. Plus, it prevents hot air from entering your garage during the summer, thus reducing the strain on cooling units.

Ways of Insulating a Garage Door

  • Put standard batt insulation on the inside face of the door.
  • Spray foam insulation on the inside surface
  • Buy a new garage door that is already insulated.

If you are looking for a particular style, material, or size, or even accessories, you can find an insulated garage door at Colorado Overhead doors. Our experts in garage doors will help you pick one that fits your needs. Call us at 303-776-3667 to speak with a specialist.

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