Wireless Garage Opener Benefits

When someone wants to be able to open up their garage door, there are a few different methods of how they can do this. One of the most popular options is a wireless electric garage door opener. These helpful garage door openers are able to raise and lower the overhead garage door like never before. But what are the exact benefits of owning a wireless opener? Keep reading to find out!

Able to Open Garage From Greater Distances

It can be extremely frustrating when you need to open the garage door but are not anywhere near the wired opener. This is where a wireless garage door opener can really come in handy. Simply press the button while within range of the receiver and the garage door will then open or close.

Smart Garage Door Opener
Smart garage door openers are capable of raising or lowering a garage door from anywhere.

What this predetermined transmission range is from the receiver is something that will vary depending on what kind of wireless opener a person has. For example, standard wireless openers typically have a range of about 50 feet. However, there are also smart wireless openers that can have a practically unlimited range, which allows you to open or close your garage from wherever you happen to be.

Easy Installation

Another great thing about wireless garage door openers is that they are very easy to install. So whether you have a brand new garage door or are using an older model that is in need of some garage door cable repair, you should be able to get it installed and working in no time at all.

With all of these benefits and more, there is no good reason to put off getting a wireless electric garage door opener. Get your very own by contacting us at Colorado Overhead Door Company.

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