Garage Installation: Selecting the correct flooring

 Let’s give some thought to your garage floor When you build a new garage or redo your old one, you want to make sure you select the right materials for both your garage door and your floor.  Selecting the correct flooring  is really important, so you want to think of durability, resistance but also design […]

Does a garage add value to your house?

Custom Wood Door in Denver Colorado

When planning to put your house on the market or looking to refinance your mortgage, it is in the owners best interest to do what they can to increase the value of their home. While there are many ways to do so, one of the most efficient ways to add square footage and appeal to […]

Deciding if Wooden Garage Doors are Right for You

Custom Wooden Garages in Denver

The decision to install a custom wooden garage door will add a unique aesthetic appeal to your house given that it can be built to follow the current design of your home. Wood adds a beautiful, natural look to any property, but it does come at the expense of extra maintenance. The  professionals at Colorado […]