Looking to Build Up? Colorado Overhead Door Co. Can Help

Installing a garage door or simply deciding to repair the garage you already have can easily add value to your home. While most people choose to install a garage for the sole purpose of protecting their cars from the elements, there are a few ways that homeowners can get more out of their investment.

The Denver garage technicians at Colorado Overhead Door Co. have seen it all when it comes to custom garage designs, and they are here to discuss the option of building a two floored garage as opposed to the traditional single level garage.


3d model of a modern house with garage

Denver Garage Owners Looking to Build Up

The decision to build up can be costly, but it does allow you to do one of the most important things that any property owner can do; spare land. By building up, rather than out, you are able to maintain the current amount of open space you have open for other projects.

When it comes to garage installation, should you be planning a wreck room, man cave, storage space or an additional bedroom, this might be the time to kill two birds with one stone. While a garage does add to the square footage of your home, it is often seen as “outdoor” space. However, should you decide to use this opportunity to add an extra room, you can easily add to the size of your home and allow yourself more space for your family to enjoy.

Should you plan on adding storage space above your garage, it is smart to read over some of the garage ventilation guidelines that we outlined in an earlier post. Homeowners want to be sure that all items stored are kept in a safe environment where both ventilation and humidity are controlled.

Garage build up Denver
Garage build up: EMI design in Oak Satin Stain

Others, however, might intent on building a living space above the garage itself. While the thought of “living above a garage” might sound far from luxurious, if built properly, a room located above the garage appear identical to one in your actual house. While the roof often times requires the room to have certain height restrictions near the outer walls, an above garage apartment can offer up space for both rentals, office space or a full bedroom. Given the harsh winter conditions that hit Colorado every year, Denver garage owners understand how easily hot air can escape through any faulty seals found in their garages. Should you intend to have someone actually living above your garage, it is important to properly insulate both your garage and the room itself to ensure that the hot air generated by your heater stays inside.

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