Prevent Your Garage Door From Freezing

Plowing Snow in DenverHas your garage door been opening a bit slower than usual, or has it suddenly stopped working altogether? Denver garage door owners might have experienced this problem before, and many will jump to conclusions about the status of their electronics. Truth be told, low temperatures and sub-zero weather can be the culprit.

Garage Doors may react to Season’s Changes

The climate in Colorado is known to reach very low temperatures, and while we are all aware of the effect that this can have on our cars, we often fail to take other electronics into consideration.

Your garage door is made of many parts, and these all feel the stress from drastic climate changes. Metal components often contract in these situations and will force the motor to work harder to complete their normal functions. If you feel like your garage opener is struggling to do its job, immediately stop pressing the “open” button before you can burn out your motor and take the time to figure out where the problem is located.

Locating the Cause

Naturally, the first step to locating the cause would be to perform a quick visual inspection of your door’s components. Is anything broken or disconnected?

Check to see if any ice has formed at the base of your garage door, freezing it into place. The formation of ice around your door is not limited to the base of your garage door, but also around the sides and top.

Heat from your home is transferred into your garage, and the hot air will cause both snow and ice to melt off of your roof and fall to the ground. In doing so, this water can pool at the base of your entrance and actually freeze your door shut. Colorado's Finest Garage Door Company

Save Yourself the Trouble

Colorado Overhead Door Co. not only takes pride in providing the Denver area with the finest selection of garage doors on the market but also with their informative blog post designed for homeowners.

Continue to follow our blog series, as we help you learn how to prevent these freeze-ups from happening to your garage door in the future.

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