How to Create an Attractive Storefront with Commercial Garage Doors


Nothing makes a storefront more inviting than including garage doors in your business’s design. Modern commercial garage doors can not only bring in more natural light, but also add an attractive aesthetic to your storefront that draws attention and convinces customers to come inside and take a look around. This article explores how you can […]

Industrial Ribbed or Raised Panel Steel Sectional Doors

Insulated Commercial Garage Door

For industrial operations to be successful, they require the synchronicity of thousands of different moving parts. Some people don’t appreciate the work that goes into managing and coordinating all of the equipment and processes that support industrial businesses. Unfortunately, those people also don’t understand the importance of having reliable, high-quality industrial garage doors. Door Balance […]

Custom Fire Rated and Insulated Garage Doors for Emergency Responders

Fire station garage doors

Firefighters are an essential service in every city and county. They help protect the lives of those around them by providing immediate response to dangers and threats. Unfortunately, the quality of this response is predicated on the reliability and speed of the garage doors they use. If the garage doors of a given firehouse are […]

Benefits of Polyurethane Insulated Steel Sectional Doors

A commercial garage door is significantly different from a residential garage door in terms of form, fit, and function. Unlike a residential setting, commercial garage doors are often necessary security features for preventing environmental damage and accidents. Therefore, there is a greater responsibility, from an owner’s perspective, to invest in high-quality commercial garage doors that […]

Immediate Repair Service for Commercial Garage Doors

The health of your commercial garage doors is extremely important. Like a human body, garage doors can demonstrate symptoms of various problems. Some of these conditions will require immediate attention in order to avoid potentially tragic consequences. To ensure the safety of your employees and clients, it is imperative that you have your commercial garage […]

Safety Considerations When Choosing a Commercial Garage Door


As a business owner, your number one priority should always be the health and safety of your employees. As useful as garage doors are, they can be dangerous when not used or installed properly. If you want to maximize your commercial garage door safety, here are a few things you should keep in mind. Industry […]

Select the Best Garage Door for Your Business

Commercial garage doors

When it comes time to choose a new commercial garage door, you want to make sure that you get one that is going to benefit your business. In order to do this, you’ll want to follow these tips on how to pick the best garage door for your business. Consider the Durability of the Door […]

Restoring Your Commercial Garage Door Can Boost Your Business

Many people think of a garage door as being something that is only relevant to homeowners. However, business owners should just as much interest in their garage doors. This is because getting some commercial garage door repair done can boost your business in the following ways. Great Advertising Space Want to really make your business […]

Colorado’s Commercial Door Experts

commercial garage slide door

Colorado Overhead Door Company offers many types of commercial garage doors. We offer doors for heavy-duty industrial purposes and lighter duty industrial purposes. We have many choices for insulated commercial doors and full-view aluminum doors. We also offer fire rated doors as well as roll-up sheet doors. When your traditional garage door won’t cut it, […]