Garage Door Opener Keypad Benefits

Garage Door Industry 

Having a high-quality garage door opener keypad provides more than just convenience. This small feature is an excellent tool to increase the security of your home and is just one less thing to carry when you go for an evening walk around the neighborhood. There are many garage door opener keypad products on the market […]

Tips for a Long-Lasting Garage Door

Denver Garage Doors

With proper installation and maintenance, your garage door could last for up to 30 years, depending on the material. Garage door openers can last up to nearly 13 years! However, poor installation and neglecting to care for your garage door system could render your garage door broken in far less time. By adhering to the […]

How well do you know your garage door?

Garage door opener system, an essential component for convenient access and security

Garage door parts and components At Colorado Overhead Door Co., we believe that it is important for our customers to be familiar with some of the parts and components on their garage door. Knowing basic concepts about your garage’s components can save you time and money if you ever have a garage door issue that […]

Get to know the different residential garage door designs

Custom Wood Door in Denver Colorado

Know your options before choosing the ideal garage door Garage doors add aesthetic value to your home and can make or break an exterior design scheme. They affect everything in your home, from curb appeal to the interior quality of your garage, as well as the security and the safety of your family. For these reasons, […]

5 easy tips to declutter your garage

Garage Door Solutions in the Front Range

Keeping your garage tidy We understand that getting your garage organized can seem like a tedious, endless task, but remember that more than just a place to park the car, a garage is a key selling feature, so there’s an excellent reason to keep it functional and appealing. Putting the necessary thought into organizing it is […]