Improved Garage Door Safety Features

Over the past few decades, garage door safety features have drastically improved. The advent of technology has enabled homeowners to experience maximum safety, while enjoying their garage space.  Garage Door Safety Features So, which features are present to ensure optimal function and safety?  Smart Locks Smart locks are becoming more and more popular. They offer […]

Don’t Wait to Fix a Problem With the Photo Eye Sensor on Your Garage Door

Garage Door Industry 

A garage door’s benefits should never outweigh its drawbacks. Moreover, a garage door should never put its operators and their families in danger at any moment. One of the most dangerous elements of a garage door can be the potential for collisions as it closes. Garage doors are so heavy and powerful that they could […]

Essential Safety Features of a Garage Door

As great as garage doors are, they also require a certain amount of precaution. When misused or poorly maintained, a garage door can pose a myriad of potential risks, especially for young families where children use the garage. That is why it is important to have the necessary safety mechanisms to protect the quality of […]