How to Know You Need a New Garage Door

need a new garage door

Signs You Need a New Garage Door In time, your door will age and eventually stop doing its job effectively. So, before it deteriorates, some apparent signs will tell you a replacement is needed. Here are some symptoms of deterioration. Common Damages Denting, scratching, warping, or rust may cause functional difficulties. If there are noticeable […]

The Importance of Seasonal Garage Door Maintenance

The Importance of Seasonal Garage Door Maintenance

Seasonal Garage Door Maintenance After the winter and the cold, when the spring-like weather finally comes to Denver, our moods change and cleaning starts. But truth is, some important things are left undone, in the excitement of family stuff to do (that doesn’t require all the layers,) BBQs, flowers, green…  before you get lost in your social agenda and your […]

Wood vs Steel, which is the best option for my garage door?

3d model of a modern house with garage

When it comes to redesigning your home or building a new place, homeowners are faced with choosing the materials and look of their new garage door. As simple as might sound, this is a very important decision. Your garage door should not only provide safety to your family but, it can also improve the curb appeal […]