Myths, truths & everything there is to know behind overhead garage doors

benefits of a garage door with windows

Are you considering installing a new overhead garage door in front of your garage? However, are you perhaps concerned that it is not a wise decision because of all the information, and misinformation, available for consumption on the Internet? This concern is valid and deserves the necessary attention. The reason for all the information available […]

Buy a New Garage Door for Your Home or Business at COHDCO

Garage Doors

If you need to buy a new garage door for your home or business, at our professional garage door company, we have a wide variety of garage door products to fit any budget and need. As an Amarr master dealer, we can offer our clients the highest quality in commercial and home garage doors. Amarr […]

Looking For The Best Custom Specialty Garage Doors in Denver?

Do you have a modern home with a unique one of a kind look? If that is the case we have the best specialty doors to compliment that one-of-a-kind look. One of the first elements we tend to see first of a house is the garage door. So why not make your garage door a […]

Differences between commercial & residential garage doors

Commercial Garage Doors

Understanding the differences When considering investing in a new garage door – or replacement – it is essential to identify the characteristics of a traditional residential door and a typical commercial door. Nowadays, with the constant expansion of cities and many of us wanting to live closer to work, considering a commercial style door for […]